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    Couple questions,

    When i tether my laptop to my blackberry that is connected to a wifi network, will data go through WiFi? Laptop's wireless card toasted on me while back.

    While connected to my laptop will my blackberry continue to charge? Back when i was testing a bb 7230 i was always told that it's impossible to charge a phone while on a call or using data connections because the power consumption and conversion to use the radio is so great ____ would happen which basically cancels out the chargers ability and your just tieing yourself down to a plug for no reason, maybe its true or maybe it's false i've never asked till now.
    07-09-10 08:00 PM
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    Tethering does not turn your BB into a Wi-Fi adapter, it turns your BB into a dial-up modem that calls out through your data plan. If your BB is connected to Wi-Fi, then yes you can think of the data as going through Wi-Fi because your data plan is going through Wi-Fi. If you don't have a data plan, you will get gored for tethering.

    Bluetooth tethering stopped working when I got a new laptop, so I use USB tethering now. The phone will charge, albeit slowly, while USB tethered.
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    07-13-10 09:50 PM