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    Ok, here is my situation. My main internet company has some how managed to mess up their routing tables. For the past 2 weeks (including right now) I have been using my blackberry curve 8530 to access the net via wifi (for some reason my phone works but my main pc's don't)

    Is there a way to tether to my curve (via usb) to use its wifi connection instead of the mobile network? I have read countless posts but they all talk about tethering via wifi instead of usb/bluetooth, not quite what I am looking for. What - am looking for is as follows:

    Pc/laptop -> USB -> Blackberry -> WiFi -> Internet
    Instead of:
    Pc/laptop -> USB -> Blackberry -> 3G -> Internet

    Is it possible? For anyone thinking "there could be no possible use for this" think about folks who have older non wifi laptops or people who have wifi routers at home but no wifi card in their systems. This would have been a great feature if it does not exist.

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    04-02-10 01:52 PM