1. carliehi's Avatar
    Just another warning for anyone thinking in purchasing the $50.00 app "Tether for Blackberry." As others have reported, this product may only work one time, then never again. Once purchased, Tether will not refund your money, even if you make every attempt to contact them within minutes after purchasing, and discovering that it just doesn't work repeatedly on your computer. Others report that it works just fine. I'm just warning everyone that it only worked once on my computer, and I'm $50 bucks lighter. Be advised and good luck.
    10-09-11 07:15 AM
  2. ichat's Avatar
    Really I have tether but it works all of the time. Its $50 now?! Holy ****

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    10-09-11 07:19 AM
  3. walcolm's Avatar
    ive always thot i was missing out in not buying this product....guess i'm not

    tried to use the trial version once before but it never worked. eventually gave up on trying and even thot i didnt get something right
    10-09-11 07:46 AM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    I have no need for the tether app now that I have a playbook but I did use it a lot and never had any problem with it not working. I also got it half off like they use to offer all most once a month.

    I see one of you are in Nigeria, where is the op located? Maybe something to do with it?
    10-09-11 08:24 AM