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    home screen you have a picture of your choice, maybe when you first unlock the phone that comes up, then you do some kinda over motion or something to get to your your real view. I was thinking something like this, i know the quality is TERRIBLE i did it on paint, please don't say anything bad about it I know its awful, but the idea of it is kinda like what kevin posted a while ago. I think it would be cool to still see your main background picture, but when you go in to use the phone have it all apps and what not like how it is in the picture. social feeds section, in which you can click exactly what one you want in that little section, and also could click the social feeds app in the middle to go there (to see an overview of what has been happening). Also have the ability to change which apps show up in your main 7 on that screen (also picking the main 4 social apps you would want in that section). this would give you more personalization. you of course would still be able to click the a key, or do some kinda bezel feature to see all other apps. This is a terrible edit of the wonderful Victory, I love that phone and thought it would be cool to do it on.
    So here I have the BBM top left, text messages top right, social feeds section middle left (facebook, tumblr, twitter, google plus), browser to the right of that, contacts under browser, profiles (volume) under contacts, and media to in the bottom left. picture better icons, i just grabbed random ones from google.
    Yet again sorry for the bad quality, but what do you guys think of the idea?

    I couldn't get ahold of the bottom part of the screen from the victory so i kinda put in somethin like it, picture this with the victory's bottom,
    04-11-12 11:32 AM
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    don't be too hard on it please..haha
    04-11-12 11:32 AM
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    Looks similar to the Motorola android
    04-11-12 11:48 AM
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    good effort! i could work with that.

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    04-11-12 12:50 PM
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    Something like this?

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    04-11-12 12:58 PM
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    Something like this?

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    yea somethin like that, i just like the idea of being able to customize it, and the social networking section, where you can click the middle and it be our social feeds app we have now, or click the individual app you want (fb) directly.

    also the main reason of me doing this, is having your home screen come up when you unlock your phone (that is, the picture you have set as your home picture), and then you slide over to get to this screen.
    04-11-12 03:09 PM
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    Isn't that sorta what cascades is gonna be?
    04-11-12 04:01 PM
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    Isn't that sorta what cascades is gonna be?
    I hope so.
    04-11-12 04:08 PM