View Poll Results: How often do you backup your BlackBerry?

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  • Every day

    70 9.09%
  • Once a week

    251 32.60%
  • Once a month

    117 15.19%
  • Rarely

    176 22.86%
  • How do I back up?

    156 20.26%
01-03-08 12:13 AM
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  1. venuesurf's Avatar
    I had to curl up in a corner during one of the outages.
    12-10-07 07:22 PM
  2. Click's Avatar
    Here is my story.
    2 weeks ago my wife was cleaning the house and "accidentally" threw out my BB. I asked her if she had seen my BB and she said that she may have thrown it out with some of my "junk". With that being said the trash had gone by then. I quickly called the trash company to find the truck that drives my street. We found the truck but had already dumped the trash. So I went to the dump site and searched for a couple of hours until I finally gave up. I then returned home and went to my local game store and traded my kids xbox360 in for cash and went to my local store to buy a new BB. Well I was 2 minets late!!!! The rep came to the door and said sorry we are closed BLAH BLAH BLAH. I offered him $100.00 to reopen his computer so I could buy my BB. He didn't want to at first, but then he did it!!! So That is my story on how bad I need my!
    12-10-07 07:41 PM
  3. summertyme98's Avatar
    I am really bad at remembering to backup my BlackBerry. But I do it at least once a week. I only get on my computer ever now and then.
    12-10-07 07:43 PM
  4. BigB's Avatar
    I think I would be quite upset, and I would probably be desperatly trying to raise the cash to buy a replacement.
    12-10-07 07:44 PM
  5. berrywhite's Avatar
    I would cry! Then shell out the $110.00 to Tmobile!
    12-10-07 07:50 PM
  6. jessi's Avatar
    Haven't done that yet Guess I better get to it
    12-10-07 08:00 PM
  7. manofled's Avatar
    Due to my clumsy nature, and the presence of my 2 1/2 year old, my 8830 takes a good whoopin day to day. If I dont drop it then he will walk through the house with a cup of chocolate milk in one hand and my Berry in the other hand. Thus far I have not had to replace nor repair it, but I can feel it in my bones that my day is coming. I carry insurance on the Berry because I know myself and that Murphy's Law is always at the doorstep. Because all of my contacts, personal info, and calendar are all on mY 8830 any major disfunction or break would be devastating. I would make great haste to the nearest store tech and get that baby up and running again. I have been eyeing the Otterbox, but I thought I should give this a go before I try and convince my wife I "need" one.
    12-10-07 08:33 PM
  8. ericdouglas's Avatar
    Provided a replacement was close behind any loss of my bb, I would do alright. If there was no bb for some time? Don't want to even think about it.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-10-07 08:45 PM
  9. wolf6can's Avatar
    Buy a new one and I did not have to cope during the outage because I was not affected.
    12-10-07 08:47 PM
  10. jwarkins's Avatar
    I back up about once a month or so. If something happened to it, at least work will replace it.
    12-10-07 08:54 PM
  11. hammer03's Avatar
    Well again I have only had mine a week, so the only problem I had was my fault, farting around with it when I first ot it. If it did get broken or stolen I know I would feel naked without it.
    12-10-07 08:55 PM
  12. Optimus_Prime's Avatar
    GET a new one ASAP,

    before I got mine, I did not understand what those poor people were going through, But that I got one, I would certainly feel the same way.

    A good friend of mine was having a semi" deppression", and I was thinking "how could this little phone" could cause so much trouble, And I offered to buy her a " new phone" ( not a BB) and she gave me this "nasty" look. ( The Lucy Liu's look at the Kill Bill vol. 1 if i am not mistaken,right after the speech following the beheading of the yakuza that questioning her authority)
    It was scary
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    12-10-07 09:02 PM
  13. jayhmedina's Avatar
    Back up, oh great now I have another thing to worry about. Time to use the search and find out how to backup my Curve. If and I stress if I ever lost my Curve I would probably loss my mind and buy an iPhone. Just kidding.
    12-10-07 09:07 PM
  14. CRZ4BB's Avatar
    Hey..... Thats Not Funny, Stop It....
    12-10-07 09:16 PM
  15. BrianH's Avatar
    i try to back my BB up every once and awhile just in case something does happen. If i lost mine or it got stolen i would be frustrated to lose all of my contacts and everything else i have on my phone, and would need to replace it immediately cause i dont know how long i could go without one haha
    12-10-07 09:23 PM
  16. davisdh's Avatar
    I try not to keep an incriminating information on my bb...and by incriminating, i mean anything i couldn't live without, lol. If it were lost or stolen, i could cope until i got a new one.
    12-10-07 09:26 PM
  17. stac147's Avatar
    I was personally affected by the outage this year. I sell BB for Sprint. I had so many of our customers coming in wanting to know what was wrong. But we all said it would be fixed quickly. I have had every brand of phones that Sprint sells and my BB is the best phone I have ever had. It is the most customizable, most easy to use, little piece of Heaven!
    12-10-07 09:36 PM
  18. Scott403540's Avatar
    I paniced during the outages! I hated being without my bb even for a little while!
    12-10-07 09:46 PM
  19. TimHassell's Avatar
    backing up all my stuff is a most.
    12-10-07 09:48 PM
  20. dblo7's Avatar
    If my BB broke......I would throw it at a VZW window with a note stating how displeased I am with their 8830. I WISH I HAD A PEARL!!!!!!
    Last edited by dblo7; 12-10-07 at 09:51 PM.
    12-10-07 09:49 PM
  21. GotThaTech3188's Avatar
    Honestly I would probably just sit down in a corner and cry.
    12-10-07 09:59 PM
  22. jumper3006's Avatar
    I would be at the store to replace it with a quickness
    12-10-07 10:09 PM
  23. corymcnutt's Avatar
    If mine got lost or stolen I would cry and my wife would kill me! I just got my first BB a couple weeks ago so I haven't experienced any outages yet. I have backed mine up once already and will do so every couple months.
    12-10-07 10:11 PM
  24. Blacklatino's Avatar
    If my BB becomes damaged or broken, I'll use my old razr until I can get a new BB. As far as the outages, occupy your time until it's over. Make some smores, etc..
    12-10-07 10:55 PM
  25. Xuli's Avatar
    It's happened to me and made me glad that I had the BB insurance through VZ. I was back up and running within 48hrs with a replacement BB. Can't beat that for $5 a month.
    12-10-07 10:57 PM
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