View Poll Results: How often do you backup your BlackBerry?

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  • Every day

    70 9.09%
  • Once a week

    251 32.60%
  • Once a month

    117 15.19%
  • Rarely

    176 22.86%
  • How do I back up?

    156 20.26%
01-03-08 12:13 AM
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  1. berryg1's Avatar
    A festivus for the rest of us.
    12-20-07 07:39 AM
  2. ericplatham's Avatar
    Interesting story... my dog got to my BB and chew it the eff' up. It still worked but some buttons were dead. I took all of 5 minutes to think about should I get a new one or just work with what I have. Sure enough, I went and got a new one
    12-20-07 07:41 AM
  3. campbjj's Avatar
    I enjoyed the two days of peace when my BlackBerry suffered an outtage. Then again, since it's for work, maybe I have ill feelings towards it on occasion.
    12-20-07 07:51 AM
  4. subgenious's Avatar
    Ouch, I hope this doesn't happen any time soon! I'd probably bite the bullet and buy a replacement, but I'm sure I (and my wife for that matter) wouldn't be happy about it.
    12-20-07 08:00 AM
  5. ccallsen's Avatar
    Most all of what I need is backed up on the BES...a nice benefit.
    12-20-07 08:26 AM
  6. chall3221's Avatar
    I haven't experienced the outages but if I lost my BB or it was stolen, I would be lost. I would need to get it replaced.
    12-20-07 08:30 AM
  7. 1979cj7's Avatar
    i would prolly go into depression and not come out for a long while...
    12-20-07 08:46 AM
  8. psyko825's Avatar
    i try to backup my pearl everytime i get on the computer at home, which is only like once a week
    12-20-07 08:49 AM
  9. guinessmic's Avatar
    I would be lost
    12-20-07 08:51 AM
  10. smashbox's Avatar
    what would i do if my blackberry was lost or stolen?! go ape shyte!!! ha!! seriously though i can't imagine losing it that's why i keep it in my pocket at all times.. even in pajamas i'll walk from room to room with it so i always know where it is! if someone stole it, well lets just say if i found out who took it, it wouldn't be good for that person
    12-20-07 09:10 AM
  11. trishyness's Avatar
    I guard mine with my life... If it broke I don't know what I'd do! Especially considering AT&T told me I couldn't get insurance for it!!!
    12-20-07 09:13 AM
  12. tcrockett's Avatar
    the horrors! I did dowload find my berry. That would help, i think, if i misplaced it. If i seriously lost it or broke it I'd really have a problem. I'd replace it immeditely.
    12-20-07 09:25 AM
  13. piratelife's Avatar
    I am bad about the back up thing. If I lost mine I would freak out and probably tear everything up until I found it.
    12-20-07 09:32 AM
  14. Jamsf's Avatar
    OK, other then updates, I dont back it up at all, it's not THAT serious.
    12-20-07 09:51 AM
  15. esblechner's Avatar
    If my curve was broken or stolen, I'd get another ASAP
    12-20-07 09:59 AM
  16. anonymous924's Avatar
    If I lost my Blackberry, I would have to go back to my MDA until the insurance replaced my Pearl. It would be agonizing!
    12-20-07 10:05 AM
  17. erikbennett's Avatar
    As a Systems Administrator for a mid-size company, back-ups are a regular part of my job. So I have to make sure I do so in my personal life too, or boy would that be some egg on my face. :-D

    As for what I would do... Since I keep a daily backup, I'd be safe with the insurance claim... but you can bet I'd be tracking that person down on my own if it was ever stolen.

    12-20-07 10:07 AM
  18. Doanster's Avatar
    Curl up in the corner and cry like a baby i guess!!!

    In reality - make sure i always have a secondary source for the info
    12-20-07 10:14 AM
  19. thebluetomato's Avatar
    I never worry about losing my Blackberry or having it crash because I backup often.
    12-20-07 11:06 AM
  20. bartlettm's Avatar
    I would die bc I never back anything up (don't know how) and I couldn't get insurance on it through ATT. It would just be a bad bad deal!
    12-20-07 11:28 AM
  21. kensing65's Avatar
    If my BB was lost or stolen.. I would most certainly replace it! I have the Pearl now but might consider the Curve...

    I was affected by the BB outages and every 5mins or so I was checking the phone to see if I was back in biz and of course on the forums checking the latest updates! my co-workers think I'm insane
    12-20-07 11:30 AM
  22. mariov's Avatar
    i just sync it almost daily.
    12-20-07 11:30 AM
  23. dollypink's Avatar
    if my BB was lostor stolen i would be v annoyed, as that would mean dealing with the insurance company and they are always a pain!
    12-20-07 11:47 AM
  24. SeanWaiss's Avatar
    Do as mom always said, always protect that which you value most.
    12-20-07 12:08 PM
  25. terryeo's Avatar
    Get rushed to the emergency room with a blackberry break down.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-20-07 12:10 PM
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