View Poll Results: How often do you backup your BlackBerry?

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  • Every day

    70 9.09%
  • Once a week

    251 32.60%
  • Once a month

    117 15.19%
  • Rarely

    176 22.86%
  • How do I back up?

    156 20.26%
01-03-08 12:13 AM
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  1. grannatorylan's Avatar
    If my was lost, stolen, or damaged, I would be headed to the nearest Cingular/AT&T or I would be checking out ebay to replace mine. I would be lost.
    12-19-07 10:01 PM
  2. Pete99's Avatar
    Just about every other day.. :-)
    12-19-07 10:07 PM
  3. jason25's Avatar
    I don't have a clue.
    12-19-07 10:31 PM
  4. flowerbunny's Avatar
    I would back up once a week . That defender thing is cool.
    12-19-07 10:31 PM
  5. MauiBerry's Avatar
    I would get on my "hot line" to St. Jude... patron saint of lost causes...
    12-19-07 11:03 PM
  6. james4177's Avatar
    ...but I know how important back-ups are. Once a week for now but daily as I get more useful stuff on the device.

    12-19-07 11:05 PM
  7. framer31's Avatar
    what else, go to the store and buy a new one.
    12-19-07 11:08 PM
  8. lyricessgirl's Avatar
    If my blackberry was taken from me id just have to use my sidekick again...ewww
    12-19-07 11:12 PM
  9. jct's Avatar
    I would be upset, but I have a backup so I would eventually settle down
    12-19-07 11:35 PM
  10. shadowduchess's Avatar
    I don't have enough to worry about it now but, once it becomes a necessity every week at least.
    I can't imagine with how much some people store on theirs losing everything they've taken the time to input on a portable device.
    12-20-07 12:27 AM
  11. thewesman's Avatar
    Luckily I missed the outages :-D They happened around the same time I got my berry and I didn't have my data plan set up yet.

    If my berry got lost I don't know what I'd do :-( If it was broken I'd go through the CB forums and see if I can fix it myself (I've already done this when my trackball suddenly stopped working, luckily the FAQ in the CB forums has a great thread on cleaning the trackball mechanism). If I couldn't fix it myself I'd go through the arduous task of getting it professionally repaired, or more likely, buy a new one and upgrade in the process!
    12-20-07 01:33 AM
  12. hedgehog62's Avatar
    Happily its a company phone. So I'd be able to get another biggie!
    12-20-07 02:15 AM
  13. IronCurtain's Avatar
    I'll probably back-up once a month when I get mine, if I get programs even sooner.
    12-20-07 02:17 AM
  14. simplyfabio's Avatar
    For me, once a week is ok!
    12-20-07 03:19 AM
  15. cheezsteak7's Avatar
    It would just be another reason to upgrade!
    12-20-07 03:22 AM
  16. chard101's Avatar
    My account exists in BES so the device, apart from the mem card, has little intrinsic value. What is on my mem card is a copy from my computer. Apparently the next version of BES will wipe the mem card too, woohoo!

    If it gets nicked I’ll hop on eBay and get another!

    12-20-07 03:51 AM
  17. pmjohnson99's Avatar
    Still waiting on a CDMA curve, may eventually just settle for the WE.
    12-20-07 03:52 AM
  18. GeneralMayhem's Avatar
    Mine is set to automatically back up once a week. i suppose if anything happened to it, I'd get a replacement and just reinstall everything. No worries.
    Last edited by GeneralMayhem; 12-20-07 at 04:18 AM.
    12-20-07 04:00 AM
  19. Twigg#CB's Avatar
    I would have to seek therapy.
    12-20-07 04:23 AM
  20. Sandipan's Avatar
    I would go out right away and buy a new one...a shiny red crimson curve... Cant live without my berry...
    12-20-07 04:32 AM
  21. larryfortune's Avatar
    with so much on the bb I really need to start backing up
    12-20-07 06:22 AM
  22. manufan's Avatar
    I would be lost without my BB. Got to go and back up, thanks for reminding me!
    12-20-07 06:44 AM
  23. johnbom's Avatar
    I'll probably start backing up more often. i can't live without it!
    12-20-07 06:51 AM
  24. blulytes's Avatar
    my boss (big brother) backs up mine for me...
    a relief? probably not
    12-20-07 06:56 AM
  25. wlowrimore's Avatar
    Once my kid dropped mine in the commode and it was slightly wet, I let it dry and used the hair dryer on it and worked good as new. If I lost it I would have to buy a new one. And when the outage happened, yes, I was affected and was like Wtf is the problem ? I had no clue and neither did my carrier.
    12-20-07 06:57 AM
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