08-31-11 06:46 AM
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    Try out the blackberry smartphones in a carrier's store and then, after about a few hours or days of testing, then make your choice. That's how I discovered blackberry and have stuck with it since.

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    08-30-11 03:07 AM
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    blackberry is better all around software and hardware the iphone is a toy even the CEO of android uses a bb and pres of the usa iphone is for kids or grown ups who loves games
    Seriously, this old, ignorant comment?
    08-30-11 09:51 AM
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    Still no stock on the Rogers 9900 at my dealer. I'm getting a little antsy for this thing! A dealer just down the street has one in stock but I'd like to deal with my regular guy, I just don't want to wait.
    08-30-11 07:23 PM
  4. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    My first BB was the 8320 and I loved it. Then I upgraded to the 9700 . Love it too. Then I strayed to Android (Epic 4G and Nexus S) where I experimented with all kinds of different roms, kernels, themes etc. Lots of free apps there. But, I missed my BB9700 and reactivated it. I still have my other two toys (EPic 4G and Nexus S) but my 9700 just does the job for me period. I just ordered the BB9930 from Vz because of better coverage (literally everywhere). I bought the 9930 outright and will go month to month. It is due today. Again, the BB with the physical keyboard is what serves MY needs but I won't go into the many reasons why cause I don't need to convince anyone why. Anyway, ya gotta figure out what your needs are and go with them.
    Remember-"One man's junk is another's treasure"
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    08-31-11 06:46 AM
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