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    I'll be buying a T-Mobile 9700 used since local prices are way too high. The local networks here use 2100Mhz for their UTMS frequency, and as far as I can tell both versions (T-Mobile's and AT&T) support it, so no matter which one I buy, I should be able to utilise 3G here right? I understand T-Mobile BBs won't be able to use 3G on AT&T, but only because AT&T uses 1900/850, rather than the universal 2100Mhz.

    Also I'll be able to activate a T-Mobile set locally (I'm in Singapore) so long as the PIN is no longer locked to T-Mobile's Blackberry service correct? Thanks!
    12-07-10 06:36 PM
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    From what I had been told that when it was switched over to AT&T, it can't use the 3G bands. I had thought the same thing that it should work because of that, but apparently it won't. I wouldn't be particularily surprised if that's the case, as it would depend on the network frequency in your neighborhood. For example, rumor has it, that when 3G is deployed in the city I live in (it isn't even here yet) it'll be the 850Mhz band. So if I were you, wouldn't count on it.

    I'll be buying one anyway because the one I'm getting is gonna be at an amazing price for what it is!
    12-07-10 07:43 PM
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    What carrier do you intend to use the Tmobile 9700 on?

    In North America, the 3G from Tmobile's phones is only compatible with Wind Mobile in Canada. All of the other networks do not support it.
    12-07-10 10:12 PM
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    I believe the OP is correct, it DOES have the European/Universal frequencies, it just lacks the North American ones, except for Tmobile & Wind. It would of course need to be unlocked. And it COULD be used via EDGE on ATT or Rodgers
    12-07-10 10:42 PM
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    Hi! I live in the Philippines and I'm using a white 9700 from tmobile. It works perfectly here without any issues, I ofcourse had it unlocked first.

    It also worked perfectly with Starhub when I went to Singapore a month ago. 3G network was stable.

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    12-08-10 07:04 AM