1. cgk's Avatar
    My niece wants a blackberry curve - I will be getting it on PAYG, what model is recommended and how do you pay for BIS on PAYG?
    04-21-12 08:35 AM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    This may be a question for the phone carrier.
    04-21-12 09:34 AM
  3. cgk's Avatar
    This may be a question for the phone carrier.
    Well leaving that aside, which of the curves is recommended by people here.
    04-21-12 09:37 AM
  4. f0xG3's Avatar
    Curve 9360, Bar None ... if you want its touch-screen twin, 9380.
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    04-21-12 09:45 AM
  5. Czar_of_Berry's Avatar
    Fail. Do your own research... How can anyone recommend what is the best phone for someone you have provided no information about. Ask the carrier what the price of BIS not a bunch of random people who don't know or care
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    04-21-12 02:05 PM
  6. ryzack's Avatar
    Curve 9300, cheap and still a great phone. Just terrible aspects. Camera, material etc. But if you have the money, go for the 9360, 9680 or wait for the 9220

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    04-21-12 05:04 PM
  7. mark-d's Avatar
    I can tell you Orange UK offer BIS for £5 per month on PAYG which is automatically taken from your credit. You must therefore have a least £5 credit on the monthly anniversary date to keep BIS active.

    As for the phone go have a look in a shop and have a play with them. Each has their own benefits and any phone selection will be a personal preference

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    04-22-12 06:40 AM