1. M1styrX's Avatar
    I've read that other than the TeleNav brand of GPS bluetooth pucks works with the program with a little soft-modification.

    I'd like to start a list of bluetooth GPS pucks that are compatible with TeleNav and the process for making them work. Post away!

    I know it is a subscription/feature-add service, but it does have some really cool functionality beyond what google-maps, live-search, etc. have to offer - not that those aren't great programs. I'm just exploring.

    10-18-07 11:25 AM
  2. tomtheguitarguy's Avatar
    I believe any GPS bluetooth puck that can be paired to your BB will work. The Telenav program does not look for a certain type, it just looks for a BT puck (if that's what you're using). You select BT or internal on your BB to let the program know which gps unit to use.
    10-22-07 05:59 PM