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    See some high res screenshots.

    Blackberry GPS Telenav (Blackberry Tips & Tricks from the Mods)

    TeleNav Unveils New Version of TeleNav GPS Navigator

    New features include one-touch speech recognition,
    lane assist, red light traffic camera alerts and speed limit alerts

    Sunnyvale, Calif. March 22, 2010 TeleNav, one of the largest global wireless navigation services providers with more than 13 million subscribers, today announced the upcoming launch of TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.0. With this new version, customers will receive several new features including one-touch speech recognition, lane assist, red light traffic camera alerts and speed limit alerts. In addition, customers can receive turn-by-turn directions to their destination even if they drive out of wireless coverage.

    Increasing Safety and Improving the Navigation Experience
    With this launch, TeleNav introduces single-click speech input which allows the user to press one button and use common phrases such as Drive to 1130 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale, California, Search for Starbucks, or Show me a map of Sunnyvale, California. Customers can also say Drive home to launch directions to their home or use a new shortcut option, Home in the Drive To menu of the application.

    Other new features include:
    Lane assist for major roads and intersections to help drivers perform upcoming maneuvers
    Audio alerts for upcoming intersections reportedly equipped with red light traffic cameras
    On-screen freeway speed limit information with visual warnings when drivers exceed the posted speed limit
    Local Apps option in the applications main menu, giving customers quick access to local movie information, weather and commute alerts

    Navigation Out of Wireless Coverage
    Using unique, patent-pending technology, the new release of TeleNav GPS Navigator now downloads the entire route and surrounding map data onto the drivers phone. This ensures users will continue to receive turn-by-turn directions to their selected destination if they drive out of wireless coverage - even if they miss multiple turns along the way. In addition, the service will allow customers the ability to start a route back to their original location while out of wireless coverage. Once they drive back into wireless coverage, they will again have full service access in order to get directions to a new destination as well as receive real-time information such as traffic alerts.
    Focusing on Customer Feedback and Innovation
    TeleNav announces its new version after recently being recognized as the Top Handset Navigation Supplier by ABI Research[1]. For the second year in a row, the firm has ranked TeleNav as world leader based on overall innovation and implementation.
    The most important thing we can do is listen to feedback from customers. This new version incorporates many features that theyve asked for, said Sal Dhanani, co-founder and vice president, products and marketing for TeleNav. Our team is committed to providing the absolute best in mobile phone navigation.

    The new version of TeleNavs service will be available this Wednesday, March 24 on select devices.
    03-22-10 08:49 AM
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    Very nice - any chance of this coming to Europe any time soon?

    The "out of network" coverage idea is an excellent one.
    03-22-10 11:04 AM
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    is there a one time yearly fee?
    03-22-10 02:13 PM
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    Forget it. I will not buy subscription to applications.
    Sell me a license to use for as long as I have the device.
    Might as well use VZ Nav if I have to pay monthly.
    03-29-10 05:36 PM
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    Im On Sprint Everything Telanav in plan so it wont let me get to OTA.
    It gives me message apps already paid for.

    If anyone comes across OTA please post
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    03-31-10 02:51 PM
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    I have V5.5 on my 9700 with Rogers. How do I upgrade to this new version ???
    03-31-10 09:34 PM
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    6.0 looks awesome!!! I am getting restless waiting for it to upgrade for the 9550.
    04-08-10 10:23 AM
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    Wheres the OTA?
    04-08-10 10:26 AM