1. dc_Bob's Avatar
    I was jazzed to get my q10. Has been a little getting used to but am having a problem....an ex of mine sent me an email with photo attachments. I opened them and saved them.

    My current relationship saw them on mu phone..long story short I need to delete the photos...easy enough. HOWEVER, when I select the photos in question and confirm the delete, message says "delete failed". Thumbnail of photos still appears. When I click to open the photo, it expands for half a second, and then I get a grey icon with what looks like a broken sim card or micro sd.

    Connected phone to lap top and can not even find the photos in any file.

    Anyone got any thoughts....am thinking probably need to replace micro sd as I most likely saved them to it without realizing it. But have learned to ask first before taking techno-action.
    07-02-13 03:22 AM
  2. SK122387's Avatar
    That's happened to me before, where I get a Delete Failed or even "Photos Cannot Be Deleted" or something along those lines.

    Although it says that, the photos are deleted, I usually reboot my phone if it's being weird like that, and when I go back to the picture album, the pictures are gone.

    This usually happens to me if I've uploaded a picture to twitter, then want to go back to my Photos in my phone and delete the picture, since I already uploaded it.

    Posted via CB10
    07-02-13 03:40 AM

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