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    Hi everyone! I am new to the Blackberry world and have a few qustions. I have a Pearl 8130.

    1. Is there a way that I can eliminate the html links in emails I receive? Instead of the photos showing up in the email, there are just links, which makes it hard to get to the body text of the email. I want to either a. set it to view the photos or b. delete the link entirely and just have the text portion of the email. Any suggestions or tips?

    2. Is it possible to delete or edit the text that follows all emails that says "sent from my blackberry wireless?" I would like to change the font to a smaller font, as well as seperate that text from my original message. Right now, it shows up directly underneath the mssg without any spaces.

    3. How do I set up personal signatures for text and email?

    4. When saving new contacts, is there any way for me to reset the default number to go to mobile instead of Home as it does now? When i save a number it automatically saves it under home. I would like to change it to save to mobile instead.

    4. What exactly is the Shift button???

    05-09-08 11:47 AM
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    I already replied to the thread you started: http://forums.crackberry.com/f79/few-questions-34513/

    There's no need to make duplicate posts in more than one forum. Just have some patience.
    05-09-08 11:57 AM
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    Welcome 2 CB... Please avoid double posts.
    05-09-08 12:45 PM