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    I'm very curious as to how BES actually works. I have only had limited success in finding out anything.

    If I attempt to register my blackberry with an enterprise server, using an email address that I already have and making up a password, I receive an email to that address from an address@some-subdomain.blackberry.net containing what looks like a load of encrypted data. I assume that the BES would pick this out of the user's exchange inbox.

    What happens next? What is this email that I received, some kind of initialization? What would the BES do with this email, what would it reply to it, and who would it reply to?

    Is the process: Sender->Sender's SMTP->Receipient's SMTP->Recipient's Exchange Account->BES->RIM->Carrier->Recipient's Handheld ?

    Surely every email to every blackberry device doesn't flow through RIM but how else can software on a server communicate with carrier's and handhelds?

    Thanks for reading!

    07-05-08 12:18 PM
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    It may not be as technical as you want, but there's a discussion of BES and BIS in the Blackberry 101 lectures. A BES admin has to enable your access to the system and give you a password before you can use it.

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    07-05-08 01:16 PM
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    Hey man. I just wrote a White Paper about this topic. Here the web link if you want to check it out Implementation of Rim Technology by BlackBerry

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    07-05-08 04:14 PM