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    In the list of wifi-only applications, I see some applications that require TCP access, like Opera Mini. I have T-Mobile but no data plan, and I've configured the TCP APN settings as everyone says to do for T-Mobile (APN: wap.voicestream.com, with nothing for the username or password). But applications requiring TCP, like Opera Mini, don't work for me. Wikipedia tells me an APN, or access point name, is an access point for GPRS data transfer, and that GPRS is for GSM systems. In other words, it's not wifi, it's GPRS/GSM, is what it appears to be saying. Is that why I can't use it, because I don't have a data plan at all, and T-Mobile won't even let me on the slowpoke GPRS network? Perhaps the people saying these are applications that work with wifi-only actually have data plans, but these programs don't incur charges for them because they use the slower GPRS network and not the EDGE network? I'm just speculating here. The first T-Mobile user who says they've never had a data plan and can use Opera Mini will pretty much destroy this theory. Any other theories on why TCP won't work for me are gladly solicited.
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