1. flchick75's Avatar
    Figured I'd ask the experts here. I set up quite a few reminders to myself on a daily basis via the calendar. Is there really any benefit to using the tasks instead? Does it have any better options? I really don't see the difference but I haven't played around with the tasks enough to know.

    Thanks for the tips!
    06-30-10 08:56 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I use the calendar for simple appointments, recurring items and reminders.

    I use Tasks for actionable items and project management as I am able to
    update the progress (Status), priority and when due.
    06-30-10 09:05 PM
  3. flchick75's Avatar
    yeah i guess the priority thing is good if you use it for work related things. I use mine for work related things but usually just reminders. I hit snooze til I canget it done or change the time if its something I can put off. Not a huge difference I guess.
    06-30-10 09:13 PM
  4. Radius's Avatar
    I use calendar things for recurring items, and tasks for one shot items.
    06-30-10 09:34 PM
  5. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    You could do it that way but I would think that is annoyingly cumbersome. I look at
    it this way:

    Calendar - things that are coming up (meetings, birthdays, appointments, etc...)

    Tasks - things that need to get done (file P/R tax returns, prepare for annual audit,
    projections for Town Council, etc...)
    06-30-10 09:38 PM
  6. Radius's Avatar
    It's a philosophical difference to be honest. I see recurring things as something people plan that I cannot escape. All other things I can so I will given the opportunity.

    I know, I'm bad, but really I just like to be left alone.
    06-30-10 09:42 PM
  7. bpgui's Avatar
    I use the calendar for meetings, court dates, and other appointments. Tasks for projects I am working on.
    06-30-10 10:04 PM
  8. highdesertrose's Avatar
    I use Calendar for most everything. Makes it easier for me to only deal w one app. I do like reading how people use the differents apps tho.

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    06-30-10 11:24 PM
  9. MrObvious's Avatar
    I put everything on the Calendar because it can be backed up to Google Sync but Tasks can't.
    07-01-10 01:17 AM
  10. flchick75's Avatar
    I put everything on the Calendar because it can be backed up to Google Sync but Tasks can't.
    Good point. I'd like to claim that I was using calendar all along because I knew this but I can't take credit LOL
    07-01-10 12:11 PM