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    I've had my BB Bold for a few months now, but am still stuck using my old Nokia phone for streaming Talksport radio (UK).

    I want to be able to use the browser at the same time, so that rules out Moodio. Flycast don't have Talksport, and when I've tried adding it to BerryTunes it just sits there doing nothing (not even an error). I tried that during the free trial (when you're able to add your own stations), and used URL's that work elsewhere. Now I can't test it with a URL I have that MAYbe different from any I tried before, without buying the full version.

    Does anyone know of a URL for talksport please that works with BerryTunes? If anyone wouldn't mind trying it for me and assure me it works, then I'd pay for the full version. This is my first post and it won't let me post the URL I know works on my other phone so.....
    mediaserver dot radiomonitor dot com colon 8000/Fallback

    Alternatively, are there any other media players around that let you add your own stations and don't tie up the browser?

    04-10-09 05:32 AM