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    I have posted this as comments before tonight but this is the end of the story. When my second to last contract was up I decided to see what all the hype was about and switched to The Droid Incredible. I really liked it but it seemed like I kept trying to find apps that made it be a BB. I had a Curve, a Tour and a Bold before switching. I wanted a notes app that would sink to outlook, no go. I wanted a calender that would sync seemlessly with outlook, nada. I wanted to program on and off times for the phone and it wouldnt do it. The biggest annoyance of all for Droid was that if the notifications were on vibrate, they would still vibrate in the middle of a phone call!
    So I waited patiently for the 9930. I got it on the first available day at Verizon August 15th. I love the 9930. Great phone that fit like a glove. Fell right back into the BB OS Like I never left.
    In the first couple days with the phone people complained that I was echoing when I talked to them. I called and VZW sent me another phone.
    More Echo, they sent me another. Its been fine for awhile, till Monday 11/20/11 morning I wake up to find I over slept. The phone did not turn back on and never would. It Bricked. Red Light on, Red light off.
    I go to the store and they cant help me. I call the 800 line and they send me another phone. I spend two hours getting it set up and re-installing everything and go to bed Tuesday night. This morning I start my day glad to have my phone back to normal even if I did lose some data and two client appointments that were missed because I did not have the phone numbers, meeting times or places backed up anywhere else.
    My first phone call goes normal and then I open the browser and bam, phone starts re-boot. It re-boots like this all day long. It does work as a phone without interuption but It re-boots everytime I try anything else.
    I am done with BB. I called Verizon and Friday I will get the Droid 3 from Motorola.
    They are doing an even exchange. I did not want to do this but its busines (ironic) I need a dependable phone and the 9930 is far from dependable.
    I liked the phone a lot but its not stable. BB is asking too much from it.
    Its been fun and we have had a great relationship but I can't go on based on rumors and promises.
    So sad.
    11-23-11 09:11 PM
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    did you try .503 before hating , changes alot of things for that phone
    11-24-11 12:36 AM
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    11-24-11 12:59 AM