1. FearSoPainful's Avatar
    Is it possible to take a downloaded theme from the blackberry curve to my computer so I can use the theme builder to alter the fonts and whatnot!??!
    03-11-09 09:49 PM
  2. chelseytx's Avatar
    nope. sorry!

    you can do anything unless you have the .thm file
    03-11-09 11:23 PM
  3. Heresy's Avatar
    Chelseytx, is correct. You can not edit themes unless you have the .thm files. Most theme developers dont give them out for obvious reasons. If you have a theme you would like edited you can try to email the developer and I'm sure they wouldnt mind input or making a custom or something. In the end it all up to them.
    03-12-09 12:36 AM