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    AT&T 8900 on .681. Anyone get the following screen when launching AT&T Navigator 2.0.2294 (a.k.a. TeleNav 6.0)?

    AT&T Navigator Technical Support took me through Basic Troubleshooting procedures. No go. Deinstalled/rebooted/reinstalled. No go. Went so far as to verify that all related COD files were removed (releaseLib55, telenav51, tn*) prior to reinstallation. Installed TeleNav Navigator (T-Mobile 9700) and it worked with zero issues (as expected). However, the 2.0.2294 interface is much improved over and I would like to take advantage of new 6.0 features. Otherwise, 2.0.2294 appears to route well enough (though the GPS lock seems slower than in the exact same location with the same number of available satellites) once the error dialog is bypassed. Multiple deinstallations/reboots/reinstallations did not resolve the issue. All permission set to Allow. Refreshed GPS outdoors with five satellites available. Workarounds? Resolutions?
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