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    I managed to brick my Curve while installing an updated OS.

    The T-Mobile supplied worked just fine out of the box. I was able to connect to my Linksys router on the first try.

    Orange in France offered the update on their 8320. The download and rebuild of the OS went smoothly and all my data and settings were carried over with the exception of Wifi.

    I can no longer connect to my router. The automatic connection fails with a W002 error that decodes to:

    W002 - Wi-Fi Connection Failed

    The BlackBerry smartphone cannot get an Internet Protocol (IP) address from the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. This error may be caused by issues with the DHCP server, MAC address filtering, or static IP address assignments.
    I have tried the manual connection and manual configuration with no luck.

    BlackBerry's User Manual in PDF clearly defines what is needed to configure the device.

    Wi-Fi connection settings
    About connecting to a Wi-Fi network
    Depending on your wireless service provider or organization, you might be able to send and receive email messages and visit web pages
    using a Wi-Fi network. For more information, contact your wireless service provider or system administrator.

    Could it be that Orange has disabled the ability to connect to Wifi?
    03-04-08 01:26 PM
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    I wonder if China Mobile Peoples Telephone is a little more liberal?

    Got a download of v .321 on the way for testing.

    The China version is actualy .175 with file dates compiled in 9/19/07.

    On the first try, the Application Loader didn't even see it, being an older revision. I had to use the Control Panel to uninstall the .184 package, then everything worked correctly. It advised me I was downgrading files.

    The full rebuild takes an hour or so, got my fingers crossed.
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    03-04-08 02:21 PM
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    Wifi connected on the first try.
    03-04-08 04:33 PM
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    Well done!
    03-04-08 04:35 PM
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    Just in case anyone else was wondering... I just upgraded an unlocked tmobile 8320 to v, the orange version, and my wifi still worked after the update.. Using it to post this message

    The install process went as planned and all the data was restored as well.

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    04-14-08 01:29 AM
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    Thank you for that information.

    I didn't experiment with it for very long, just enough to realize the Wifi was not working as expected.
    04-14-08 09:52 AM