1. captainleah's Avatar
    i know there has been a lot of debate on this topic i thought i'd share my experience.

    i just bought a used curve 8300 off of ebay. i have been using a windows mobile phone, a samsung blackjack, with mediamax unlimited data and 1500 texts for about 9 months now.

    i hardly used the browser on my blackjack i mostly tether it to my laptop for internet where there isnt wifi available which is very convenient.

    i've read that my data plan doesn't work on the blackberry but i have also read that it doesn't work on windows mobile phones either and that's certainly not true. so when i received the curve in the mail this afternoon i thought i'd test it out and so far i have a medianet icon and the program works fully. i downloaded and installed opera mini through the medianet browser and that also works, but it always asks me to confirm before it accesses the network. so far i think i'm doing a lot better than others who have tried to do this.

    my boyfriend has a pearl on a different line on my plan. he has an unlimited everything blackberry plan. he told me if edge is in all caps its working but edge is in lowercase on my phones screen and it still works.

    i am thinking my phone might be unlocked i guess my question is should this be working on an unlocked phone. i'm not afraid of at&t making me switch to a bb plan its not that much more $$$, but i am afraid i will get charged per use doing it this way for now. i would like to keep the medianet plan so i can pop the sim into my blackjack and tether when i am out.

    i dont mind not getting the push email. i had email set up on my blackjack and i thought it was cool for a while but all the notifications just got annoying for me.
    06-27-08 03:47 AM
  2. JasonHDD's Avatar
    why don't you just get the BB data plan, and pay to tehter also...
    06-27-08 05:26 AM
  3. captainleah's Avatar
    havent decided yet
    06-27-08 05:54 AM