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    Hey so I got an email today saying that there is a class action against AT&T for charging users "taxes" for using the internet.

    Not sure if this is 100% true but here are the links:

    AT&T Mobility Settlement
    AT&T Mobility Settlement

    this one is for the actual case in pdf:


    and within it states:

    “Moratorium. No State or political subdivision thereof shall impose any of the following taxes during the period beginning November 1, 2003, and ending November 1, 2014:
    (1) Taxes on Internet access.”
    86. Under the ITFA, the phrase “internet access” means: “a service that enables users to connect to the Internet to access content, information, or other services offered over the Internet; (B) includes the purchase, use or sale of telecommunications by a provider of a service described in subparagraph (A) to the extent such telecommunications are purchased, used or sold.-- (i) to provide such service; or (ii)to otherwise enable users to access content, information or other services offered over the Internet[.]”
    87. Despite the prohibition on taxation of internet access under state and federal law, AT&T improperly and illegally charges its customers

    Can someone help me understand what this means for us AT&T Blackberry users? O_O
    11-15-10 03:35 PM
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    Lol it means your "internet tax" will go away and shortly after be replaced by some sort of made up "**** you in the ***" service charge.

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    11-15-10 07:52 PM
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    Same sh.it Rogers did when they stopped the system access fee and replaced it with "government" regulatory fee

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    11-15-10 09:08 PM