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    So, I go in to check my email today, and I have a Forwarded letter from AT&T Business Customer Care. I dont understand why they are the ones apologizing but ok. Did anyone else receive a letter/email?

    To All Commerce Bank, NA Employees:

    On February 11th, Research In Motion experienced a Blackberry Shortage which may have affected the Wireless Service for your Business. We here at AT&T understand that it is crucial to receive emails, and stay connected with the Blackberry Exchange Server, and Blackberry Internet Service. Despite the shortage being on RIM's Behalf, AT&T would like to extend its sincere apology to all those affected by the Shortage, and to those that experienced these symptoms.
    It caught my attention. I guess maybe cause we have over 1,000+ Employees with Blackberry Plans of around $120.00 a month may have had something to do with it, but I think it was unnecessary.

    I don't expect an apology from anyone. I mean, mistakes happen.

    Anyone else get something?
    02-18-08 05:50 PM