1. bombay's Avatar
    With my windows mobile pda phone I used a free service, mail2web.com for push e-mail and sync my address book, is there any such service for BB users free that would allow to sync the address book on air?
    02-13-08 03:29 PM
  2. msblueline's Avatar
    I too have a mail2web account. I love every minute of it. I use their BES and it allows me to sync all my calendar events and contacts off mail2web. I do not belive it is free... But it is very...very...very cheap. I think... I pay spomething like $14.95 a month. It is awsome. Just log into the mail2web site and go to your account settings. It will explain to you how you can go about doing that. It is instatanious. The email literally hits my blackberry before it hits my actual mail2web account... Now that is weird. just select blackberry from in the site somewhere, it will walk you through it.

    hope this helps you.

    03-04-08 09:45 PM