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    Up until approx. 12 months ago, I was using a Palm T|X. It worked great, but, I needed a telephone as well. Now, I have a Blackberry 8330. Seems okay. BUT, I need a contact db (i.e., address book) and scheduler that sync (fully) between the handheld device and my computer.

    What I want to do:
    - migrate my data from my Palm T|X (actually, the Palm Desktop software) to my Blackberry (without data loss).
    - have this newly ported and complete Blackberry data (contact database / address book, calendar book) synrchonized on to my local computer. This info can be sync'd into whatever contact database & calendar application will do this without losing information

    Telus' tech dept are suggesting that I can migrate data from Palm to Outlook then to Blackberry. For each migration step though, you have to map your data across, this causes a loss of data at each migration point -> unacceptable.

    Blackberry does have a fee-based toll-free line that charges $49 for each question I ask... but, I refuse to pay... they should be telling me how their technology works.

    Blackberry used to have a contact db in their 'desktop', but now it seems they only have mapping ability into applications like MS Outlook.

    Manual mapping is unacceptable because of the invariable data loss due to my not understanding the full idiosyncracies of each application, plus the mapping software.

    Any ideas? My last resort is to toss the BB and find a Palm Telephone that will work on Telus' network, but, I'd rather not incur another ridiculous expense for another piece of ridiculous software / hardware combo.

    PS - why do I need to keep my contacts and calendar: 3907 contacts (complete with Notes, etc.) are in my db and all my schedule (i.e., from 1997, well into the future)
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    Outlook should do just fine. The biggest catch will be getting your data out of the palm and into Outlook since the old palm software had some strange mapping. The biggest thing is to pay attention to what fields you are using. Memo and Tasks are straight forward. Calendar is straight forward except there are no categories. Contacts is the only one that can be tricky but if you have never used the custom fields, it should be a straight sync.
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