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    In our organization we currently have three blackberries, we use BES which works well. We have a share point portal with our company contacts in, most of which we all use from time to time. we would like to be able to sync the share point contacts to the address book on the blackberries. if possible back and forward.

    is there a way to do this? either third party app or settings within BES?

    at the moment we are having to open the contacts in outlook then copy them to the personal contacts for them to sync up.

    In all honesty it wouldn't matter if we used outlook to sync them when outlook was opened but i cant find any software to do it. just a lot of web pages asking if its possible and not really getting any answers.

    Hope you can help. thanks
    04-09-09 05:10 AM
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    I'm on a BES device (200 in our company) and we use a SharePoint portal as well on our intranet. I asked our IT guys about populating SharePoint information to Outlook (where it would automatically sync to the BlackBerry) and they said it's possible but that's all I could get out of them :-) I don't really know if that's true. From my non-professional viewpoint it seems the interface would be between SharePoint and Outlook, not the Berry. You might get a better response by posting or asking a mod to move this to the Professional and Adminsistrator forum.

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    04-09-09 08:46 AM
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    thanks for the advice, we run outlook 2007 so connecting the databases up to out look is very easy, but getting that information onto the blackberries seems verry difficult
    04-09-09 08:48 AM
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    Ok, if I get what you are saying, I'm guessing the SharePoint contacts populate the corporate Outlook directory, but you still need to add them one by one to your individual contact list. I have not found a way around that. On BES you can look up any corporate directory entry (using the Lookup function) and add it to your contact list from there, but I don't know a way to browse the corporate directory like you can on desktop Outlook or how to add contacts en masse.

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    04-09-09 09:24 AM