1. HappyJay's Avatar
    Sorry if this question has already been answered, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the forums.

    I have two calenders on my BB; the default and one for my gmail account. The default calendar syncs wirelessly with my Lotus Notes via the BIS server at work. I just tried to sync my gmail account calendar with my Outlook on my home PC and I got an error that I cannot sync the calendar because my calendar syncs wirelessly.

    Is there anyway to have my default calendar sync with work and my personal calendar sync with Outlook on my home PC?
    07-04-09 11:15 PM
  2. Cheech92007's Avatar
    Download Google Sync and sync your calendar from that. Im pretty sure it will help. Post back if it doesn't.

    Use that link from your BB Browser.

    As for the Outlook calendar, have you tried syncing JUST that calendar through Desktop Manager?
    07-05-09 05:23 AM
  3. HappyJay's Avatar
    None of my calendar entries are in Google. I manage it all out of Outlook.

    When I go to the synchronization settings in DM, it does not give me an option of which calendar I would like to sync. On my BB, the default calendar is set to wirelessly sync and the other calendar is set to sync only through DM.
    07-05-09 09:46 AM
  4. The_Shawn's Avatar
    you can set you outlook to sync with google calender, then sync your bb via google sync.
    07-05-09 10:55 AM
  5. HappyJay's Avatar
    So I downloaded Google Sync and when I go to configure the settings, it only recognizes my default calendar and not the calendar for my gmail account.

    Is this part of the same problems that others' on this site have reported when using google sync and BES? Or is there something I did wrong?
    07-06-09 02:28 PM