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    I'm hoping somebody else can offer some suggestions, because I'm stumped on how to solve this problem:

    I carry two blackberries. Long story as to why, but each device is connected to a different enterprise server. Let's just say I have two very unique jobs at two different locations and both require a different enterprise server.

    I'd like to have the contacts on both blackberries mirror each other. It doesn't have to be an instant mirror -- I'm willing to sync once a week or so, but the process I'm currently using is a pain in the rear.

    Here's what I presently do:

    Computer A has the prime contact list on Outlook. I export the contacts into a .CSV file and then email it to Computer B. Contacts at Computer A are added daily.

    Once a week, I go to the other office where Computer B is and open Outlook at that location. I delete all contacts information on Computer B and then import the .CSV file from Computer A onto Computer B. I then let the enterprise server do its thing and, for that moment at least, I have identical address books.

    Again, I'm not looking necessarily for instant sync, but there has to be a better way to accomplish what I'm presently doing.

    Any suggestions?
    03-13-08 01:59 PM
  2. Jhonea's Avatar
    When you sync device 1 with computer A, you take your primary contacts - yes?
    Your general objective is for the devices - not necessarily the computers to mirror - yes?
    From desktop manager, go to the sync option.
    Select the 'Configuration' tab.
    From there, select the button labeled 'configure sync'.
    After a brief load, a window will pop up.
    In this window, select 'address book'.
    You will then be presented with a list of apps that involve address books - let's say Outlook.
    Select Outlook - below the list you will see the option to export - this will export device 1's contacts to computer B's Outlook.
    You can then sync device 2 to Computer B.
    I have done this using DM 4.3, so long as you follow these steps with device 1, then perform a regular sync with device 2, everything should work. Each device uses its own profile within DM, so you shouldn't need to change these settings.
    In my example, I used computer B as the 'middle man' because I got the impression that this was your primary sync computer.
    Forgive me if this was a bust, as I am not completely familiar with enterprise server. However, if this does not work on your office computers, you might try it on your home computer.
    03-14-08 03:40 AM