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    Hi all,

    Been skimming through the forums trying to read posts on syncing and I am still a little confused on some options that I might have to sync my PDA phone (Blackberry 8820-Tmobile BIS) and my outlook 2007 on my home computer and work computer ALL at the same time??

    First off, I am looking to get an personalized domain so I can get a unique email address. I thought I would go to GoDaddy to get that. I am assuming it would then be a hosted exchange server or something for wireless syncing? Then I would set it up so I can read it on my outlook and blackberry. Next, how would I be able to sync both outlooks and my bb with calender/tasks/contacts/email wireless?

    I am pretty new at this, so outlook/sync/bb 101 talk would be very helpful. THanks so much?
    04-12-09 07:25 PM