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    My company is not using BES. I have successfully set up pop3 so that I receive my incoming emails. Without BES is it possible to reconcile the emails on my blackberry? For example, if I respond to an email on my blackberry is there any way to have my outlook email profile to update showing that I have responded to that message? Similarly, if i were to delete an email on my blackberry can it synchronize with my Outlook account so that the email is deleted there as well?

    01-17-08 12:48 PM
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    BIS should reconcile your messages sent from your BB to your sent folder on your email server.

    If you want to synchronize your deleted items on your BB and Outlook, you need to set it that way on your BIS Setup. Log onto your "My T-Mobile" website and go to the BB Email set-up page. Select the account you want to change and you should see it at the bottom. You would also need to make sure the BB is set that way too. Open your email on the BB, select options, select the "Email Reconcilliation" and you can see the options.

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    01-17-08 02:35 PM
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    lol, no it will NOT on BIS. It should, but it won't on most BIS accounts.

    It will reconcile deletes and read/unread on gmail and yahoo, and many accounts created through GoDaddy, but not the remainder of the POP email accounts.

    Some sent mail sync with GoDaddy hosted, Gmail /Google Domains and Yahoo, but not all. All the remainder will not.

    I don't know why you are suggesting that it will, across the board, do this.

    On top of this, on BIS, there is NO BB to Outlook sync or reconcile.
    01-17-08 02:47 PM
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    So differing information. My understanding is that the delete function will work but without BES there is no manner by which I can sync my outlook inbox with my bb so that they look exactly the same. Am I correct?
    01-17-08 03:25 PM
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    No - if your e-mail service uses the IMAP instead of the POP, your e-mail account will always (automatically) synchronize with all of your other e-mail clients/devices!

    Most e-mail services are set to use the POP bu default, however some (including GMail - in the options) will let you optionally choose to use the IMAP.

    If you have your own domain (like me), you can pick which protocol your e-mail uses...

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    01-19-08 04:16 AM