1. sio08's Avatar
    someone told me that it was possible syncing/reconciling your email with your outlook by using the cable on desktop manage providing you install the DM with the 'BES setting' and then using something called Desktop Manager Redirector.

    Is this true? Also what is the exact difference between sync and reconcile because it is confusing me a bit.

    02-17-10 01:15 PM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Redirector sucks... it won't do what you want, the person either didn't understand what you wanted to do or gave you incorrect info.

    Also, in order for redirector to work, you'd have to leave that PC and email client (along with DM/Redirector) open and running all the time for email to flow from it to your Blackberry.

    Redirector was used a while back when people were using email accounts that weren't accessible directly through BIS for whatever reason. Redirector gave them the ability to leave a PC on the inside of a network that was capable of receiving emails from the respective account and have it "redirect" said emails to the BB across the web/RIM network and onto your device.
    02-17-10 02:46 PM