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    Hello. I've looked through quite a few threads but can't find my exact issue. I have a BB curve 8530 and I have two laptops that I sync it with. One laptop is for work, which uses Outlook 2007 and has my business email account. The other is my personal laptop and it picks up my personal email (also Outlook 2007).

    My issue is that I'd like to see both my work and personal calendar items on my personal laptop and I can't figure out what setting I need to change to get it working. My work laptop has both my personal and work appointments, but I think it's because I synced the calendar for the first time BEFORE I had my work email set up to come to my BB. I can only see my personal calendar at home and it would be much more convenient to see both, as I can see at work.

    Is this happening because I can't pick up calendar items from my work Outlook account on a different computer, even though I'd be downloading them from my BB? If so, then why can I see my personal items on my work computer?

    Please help!
    09-27-10 01:53 PM