1. jsonadam's Avatar
    I just had to replace my bb Storm 2 under warranty. I use it with a MS exchange server for work and sync the calendar wirelessly. On my old phone, somehow, when I clicked show all calendars I had a calendar for my work account and my personal account. The work account ws synced wirelessly form the corporate exchange server but it seems that the information from my personal account that was on my home desktop was synced through usb. I have no idea how I set this up but it was great to be able to see my work and personal calendars on my bb both separately and if I chose show all calendars, I could see them combined. For some reason, I cannot make this happen on my new bb storm 2. I can see both calendars if I go into the select a calendar but I cannot get my personal one to sync. Can anyone help me get this to work? Thanks
    08-04-10 09:35 AM
  2. Mio_Ray's Avatar
    Im, not sure... But I think You had Your "Personal" calendar set as Default service on the device - since the default calendar is the one that "Desktop Manager" will sync with.

    The corporate calendar should still sync wireless.
    10-05-10 06:12 AM