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    When I first acquired my 8530, I began searching for ways to make it as close to my desktop pc as possible. Since then, I've moved on to a 9930 and Playbook. I still wanted more of a seamless user experience that included my pc. By this, I mean using my phone or playbook to access my pc's files as needed. Maybe even use the programs on my pc remotely and then use the results on my devices.
    One of the things I first did was create a start page similar to fastdial using a website. This was tedious and I had no desire to maintain a website for this purpose. Through StumbleUpon (still not working on BB. FU SU!), I came across a Symbaloo.com. Not only can you create a nice browser home page, it embraces cloud computing.
    TBH, I'm a little overwhelmed by the possibilities. I'd like to ask if anyone has used this. I'm also curious if something like this could change the landscape of mobile computing.
    04-06-12 01:47 PM