1. pinkdaisy226's Avatar
    So I've been fighting with my Pearl for the past 2 hours and I think I'm about to call it a night and go to Sprint after work tomorrow (I called Blackberry for help, she said I'd already done everything she was going to suggest and that I should just go to Sprint).

    I have my old 8703e and I'm going to take it to work tomorrow because otherwise I will not survive the 11 hour work day. Is there any easy way to get it to be the one I can access all my email accounts on until I get my Pearl fixed?

    *sniffle* I'm so depressed about my Pearl.
    04-23-08 11:51 PM
  2. pinkdaisy226's Avatar
    Nevermind. I deleted everything and redownloaded everything AGAIN and, knock on wood, my phone is acting normally. I wonder if it was my free trial of JiveTalk that screwed everything up - you think? Either way, I'm happy for now... til I wake up tomorrow dead tired!
    04-24-08 12:45 AM