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    I currently have a Palm 755p and I'm looking at switching to a BB with Sprint. I use my phone to text, email, web browsing, and talk about an hour a day. My question is should I go ahead and do a BB 8330 or wait until some of the new models come out? Does anyone know what new models Sprint is going to have in the next few months? Thanks for your help!
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    05-11-09 02:10 PM
  2. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    i don't think anything is up for sprint too soon, possibly the tour, but i wouldn't expect it till august, although possibly later.

    if you're itching for the 8330, go for it
    05-11-09 02:18 PM
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    Remember that with a BB you won't have the ability to store apps on your memory card. Nor will you be able to do a backup and restore directly from the device. Instead it would be through the desktop program on a PC.
    05-11-09 03:21 PM
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    That last part is the biggest thing that is driving me up the wall right now.
    05-11-09 03:44 PM
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    Thanks for all of your comments. I don't store anything on my memory card except for photos, so that's not a concern and I want to use google sync with the BB & two computers so that I don't have to worry about backing up to a SD card.
    05-11-09 05:43 PM