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    Hey guys, so this is the story. I have about 2 years left on my plan and I have the 8520. I don't want to use the 8520 for the remainder and want something newer. (9780)

    So my question is: I have someone wanting to buy my 8520 and someone to sell me a 9780, but the guy selling the 8520 needs to pick it up before I buy the 9780, If that makes sense.

    So, I have my 8520 backed up in desktop manager and my BMM contacts backed up locally to the micro sd.

    Can I just restore the 9780 with the 8520 backup without having the 8520 on me?

    What about just BMM contacts?

    If I can, please tell me how, I know alot about this kind of stuff so I dont need a crazy explanation but anything will help!
    Please reply fast as I am going to sell this tommorow!
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    10-26-11 02:06 AM
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    I would be carefull.
    OS 4 backups don't play well with OS6 devices. I had a problem with my Storm and I had a spare 8300.
    10-26-11 02:16 AM
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    Im on OS 5, Can i get some insight on this anyone?
    10-26-11 02:25 AM
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    Try downloading BlackBerry protect on old device and do a backup and then restore on new device using protect also.

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    10-26-11 05:56 AM