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    Hey Guys... I have a bit of a unique situation and I am at an impass.
    I have a gent here at work that transferred his personal phone# to the work provided BB. recently, he wants to purchase an iPhone 5 when they come out and is using a second BB temporarily (for his personal use) and take his "personal" phone number back for that phone. Work gave him a new SIM card and new number. I configured both BB's with the new with the new SIM/number and the personal BB with the old SIM/old number. I ran itno one snag which has him in an uproar. When I performed the backup of the original BB and then restored what items he needed on the new "personal" device, none of the BBM stuff transferred over (Contacts, Groups, messages, etc..) I got the "Some items did not tranfer to your new dievice" message and the details showed all of those I mentioned did not restore. I have since used the BBM backup process by backing up his contacts onthe SD card and then put the SD in the new BB and was able to transfer the Contacts to the new device but he has 390+ contacts and it is telling him that he has to reinvite all of them. Is there a way to tell all of his BBM Contacts of the new PIN and new device? Thanks for any help. I cannot figure this noe out.
    08-14-12 10:45 AM
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    If u restored the back up pin info is auto switched, if its saying for them he needs to re-invite them means they removed him an I doubt u check all 300+ would of taken awhile so the ones like I said that u need to reinvite means they removed u, cause no matter if its a file or bbm back up should of switched. If not tell em to waste a 2hours an click an resend the req

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    08-14-12 11:40 AM