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    Currently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. Not to offend anybody, but my own experience was that AT&T was overcharging for services I didn't need and typically gave me the run around. So this wasn't a planned switch where I just planned to get the phone and run or anything.

    Here's the issue. Telenav seemed linked to my AT&T account, and am worried that once AT&T service ends, so does Telenav. I'm a professional driver in the largest city in the US, and Telenav is a NEEDED tool for me. In trying to switch my telenav service to T-Mobile, this is what I've found.

    First T-Mobile wasn't sure how to do it, and transfered me to Telenav's customer support. Telenav said I had to talk with T-Mobile customer support, and when I said I was transfered to Telenav from T-Mobile they advised I go to the Telenav site and purchase a new Telenav subscription. When I attempted this, it said I already had service on the number entered (which was the number from AT&T ported to T-Mobile).

    I called T-Mobile customer support, and this time rather than talk to the Blackberry/PDA department, I went straight to billing to see if they could just attach it to the account. The T-Mobile customer representative said that the only devices on T-Mobile network that supported Telenav was the BB 8800 and BB 8820, which I found odd because I used Telenav just fine on my 8310 Curve with AT&T.

    So now the question is, has anybody else been able to use Telenav on their 8310 Curve with T-Mob? Also been looking at Mapquest Navigator, does that work on the 8310 Curve with T-Mobile and is it any good?

    Any help on this matter is GREATLY appreciated, would hate to be in the middle of working and suddenly not have my GPS work! Thanks in advance!

    EDIT/ADD: Still want to get Telenav working, but am also looking to order MapQuest Navigator... figure I'll have both on my phone to cover all angles. Issue though, upon purchasing MapQuest Navigator, it asks for my carrier, and I select T-Mobile, it only lists the BB 8320, not the 8310. The AT&T section however shows the 8310. Now my question is, thinking it's billed through MapQuest directly, would it make more sense to select the AT&T/8310 to ensure it works with my phone? Or should I select T-Mobile/8320 so that it works with my carrier? I'm worried that if I select the 8320 option it may go looking for an external GPS connection rather than realize there's already a GPS chip inside of the phone.
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    Another suggestion. Garmin has a nice mobile GPS service for a one time fee of 99 bucks. If things don't work out with Telenav, this would be another option.
    06-17-08 11:27 AM
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    I may check into Garwin. First impressions on MapQuest Navigator: horrible!

    The program and software itself seem interesting and look like they have nice options. I ordered it, paid the year subscription for it, download it to my phone, and it won't start. Network Error. No options I can see to fine-tune, no account options on the website. When trying to call customer support it's an ANSWERING MACHINE, which says, "we'll get back to you within the next day"... knowing my luck, they'll call right while I'm in the middle of work.

    Even though the program seems decent, the customer support leaves MUCH to be desired. Now I'm stuck trying to cancel my Mapquest Navigator subscription, hope they do it before the $49.99 comes out of my account, and then still being stuck right back where I started!!
    06-17-08 11:57 AM