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    So I will be getting another bbos 7 device and have been looking around to see if anyone has tried the switch device feature on the new devices. Maybe this is something that can be put on the blog post so that we can see if it does what is there for or is it like the sync issue that was blogged about. To be honest I am still trying to figure out why this feature has not been blogged about on the site. I will try and put up a video of this once my new (second) 9900 comes today. Anyone who has tried this out please let me know how it went for you. Till then happy bbing to you all.

    So I got my new 9900 and did the switch device from my 9810 to the new phone. It was a super easy process and everything switched over just like it does on DM. The best part about the process was the spped of the switch. It does not move apps (which is fine)but everything else was done. The only error I got was that it did not move over my 400+ call log (no biggie). All in all I think this is the best prcoess and feature on the device.
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    i used the desktop manager device switch wizard to go from my 9700 to my 9900, worked like a charm... i did leave 3rd party apps out because you will want to download the os7 compatible versions
    good luck....
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