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    hey guys,

    i did my due diligence before posting this, so be patient with me:

    i've unlocked my 9900 as i'm doing some travel back and forth from Canada to the US next month(week in GA, week back, week in CA, back north)

    i've found out through my activation process with a US carrier with a SIM card w BIS that cuz my PIN/IMEI is associated with my Canadian carrier, they can't put my BB on their BIS.

    understandable as i did some quick research.

    so, thinking of the following 2 solutions:

    1)i have my old 9100 that i suppose i could unlock then use that with the US SIM while i'm down there, but as i restore my current contact/BBM info to this 9100, to communicate with my existing BBM friends(except they'd have 2 contacts in BBM for me as it's PIN related)

    2)swap my BIS now to the 9100 just as i head south, call into US carrier(simplemobile in this case) and have them register my 9900 PIN/IMEI to a simplemobile BIS account, and if i do this, i would be able to seamlessly use my BBM with my existing contacts, use whatsapp, etc, but obviously, not receive my emails until i also associate this BIS with my email setup?

    then when i get back, swap the 2 PINs again?(which at this point, simple would have to release my pin from their BIS.. ugh, i think i answered my own question on this.. (but i'll leave it here for you critique in case there's something i haven't thought of)

    as i'm down for work/fun, i only really need BBM, emails, and my whatsapp for my non BB friends..

    thanks mucho in advance!
    10-19-11 12:44 PM
  2. parabola's Avatar
    Sorry I don't have links handy, but I went searching about this same topic recently. Old threads seems to mention this problem with the PIN being locked to the original carrier -- but newer info seemed to indicate this wasn't an issue anymore.

    I brought my unlocked 9900 (originally from Bell) to the UK last month. I popped in a pre-paid SIM card from Orange and activated BB service. My data started flowing within moments and I received the usual Account Activation messages and was fine afterwards. (tangent: and so cheap! only 5 pounds for a month worth of service, even though I only needed it for 5 days)

    Upon my return to Canada I put my Bell SIM back in and all was fine.
    10-19-11 02:50 PM
  3. pdotlee's Avatar
    wow. i assumed this was the case. i wonder if simplemobile is just behind the times as apparently, they just got BIS on their network... i tried speaking to tech support, but they say funny things like "it's your foreign blackberry" hahaha.. i wasn't sure why they had to register the BB to BIS from their end.. but i do see it, but your experience says otherwise now.. just getting more confused, with less time to see how it all works for me as i fly out tomorrow am..
    10-19-11 06:47 PM