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    Okay, so your probably thinking this is just another thread about someone complaining that their blackberry isnt get blackberry 6 so they are changing their phone. Well, i couldn't say that im not but it is certaintly close, but not what you think, I own my own LOVELY curve 8520, as you would know that is not getting the update. Yes i am extremely annoyed about this after much anticipation. But i cant moan to RIM, because its not their fault, they cant have that technology on a phone which couldn't cope with it without lowering it to a level which would take all the more revolutionary factors out of the update itself.

    Anyway, back to my actual issue, i do still looove my blackberry and wouldnt be able to let it go, but my parents both own their very own.. bold 9700. So, this is where the swapping comes in, i THINK i have been able to persuade my mum in a trade as i have updated my curve before so it literally has the same OS version as hers has now. And because she is my "loving mother" and wants me to be happy and get the new update she was hopefully going to trade, as she only uses it for the basic features (dont lecture me, if like she would still benefit from the update, but she doesnt know that.) Anyway, my problem is, how can i swap everything from one phone to the other without losing things?

    Heres what i have so far;
    -I have seen before something on the desktop manager about changing phones, but is that only contacts?
    -could i just back up both devices and then do.. Something? ( i don't know what) to get them to need to restore and just make them like, the bold takes the curve backup thing and vice versa?
    -Another issue i has is my pin, im guessing this will be a simple Yes/no answer, but if i did do this change, i would have a different pin? so would just have to re-add everyone yes?

    I appreciate any help you can give, and i am very sorry about the indirectness of my post and the name, i didnt really know what to call it and wanted to get the whole dont bad mouth RIM out of the way. Anyway, thanks again. I look forward to your replies.

    ATTTTTTTEEEEEENNNNNTTTTTIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN READD THIS FIRST!! - If you dont wan't to read all that ^^ a short overview of the whole thing is - how can i transfer all my files to my mums blackberry. (curve 8520 over to bold 9700)
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    08-08-10 09:24 AM
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    Desktop Manager has a Device Switch wizard and its intended purpose is to move stuff between different BB's (and some other phones, too, I believe).

    Before using it I suggest you use DM to backup both devices separately. That way you are protected if something goes bump in the night. You can also, I believe, use the backups to restore data, at least, to the new phone from the old phone.

    Hopefully, others might have additional info.
    08-08-10 11:46 AM
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    So they will transfer everything? contacts, apps and all?
    08-08-10 12:33 PM
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    I am not certain about APPS. I think it will but I'm not clear on that aspect. Also be aware that certain apps might be OS dependent. And you might still need to find activation codes for pay-for apps. Themes would clearly be a limitation.
    08-08-10 02:08 PM
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    Ahh i can just live without themes, and i dont have any paid apps, it would be good to clear out some of my apps i have, clogged up with so much rubbish. Any thoughts on the BBM pin thing? will that just change?
    08-08-10 02:20 PM
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    Since I don't BBM (shudders, I know), I can't really tell you but I THINK that others had no real issues when doing the Switch wizard when a number of folks went from the Tour to Bold.
    08-08-10 04:38 PM
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    I have a question to add to that -

    I have a BB Bold, and I backed it up on my mac before I returned it to Verizon. I now have a Storm2... can I just use the backup file to update my Storm2 with all my BBM contacts, etc?

    08-08-10 07:38 PM
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    Ahh i can just live without themes, and i dont have any paid apps, it would be good to clear out some of my apps i have, clogged up with so much rubbish. Any thoughts on the BBM pin thing? will that just change?
    Desktop manager should transfer it all, including apps and messages.
    But any apps requiring a log-in will have to be loged in again on the new phone.
    Make sure you back it all up first, as added safety.
    08-08-10 07:49 PM
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    Ahh ive just had another, looking at some walkthroughs of the process it seems to only shows it one way? not like a complete switch between phones? if you know what i mean, in stead of transfering on to the other both sides its just one phone to the next.. help?
    08-09-10 05:33 AM
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    Hmmmmmmm - I wonder if you started the process on TWO computers??? 1st phone starts on 1st computer. 2nd phone, second computer. Now change phones? No guarantees...........
    08-09-10 08:23 AM
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    That could work... the computers would take the information from both phones.. then when you swap over put it in the new one.. sounds like it should work.. id want to get a guarantee though. but nice one F2.
    08-09-10 08:57 AM