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    i have a strange issue, previously i have been told that normally you need to deregister your pin from your carrier in order to move it to another network provider to set up your email.

    currently i have a contract with o2 and an active BIS connection with them and have my push email account attached to them. i bought a prepaid sim from another network and added a bb data plan with them and put the sim in my phone.

    strangely when the data plan was activated it wiped off my email box icon on my blackberry that was previously there and even when i switched the sims back the icon was not there, when i logged into my carriers email set up online using my old username and password under 'existing users' it asked me for my IMEI number and PIN, then it proceeded to show all my email accounts but i needed to revalidate them. can anyone explain what has happened?

    when i switched the sims back to the new prepaid one i rang CS to ask what is happening and technical support couldn't explain why my pin seemed to be automatically deregistered as he said 'normally' if it was tied to another carrier it would say so on their systems but mine seems to be deregistered.

    i proceeded to attempt to set up the email on the blackberry but tried logging in using the 'existing users' log in and it gave back this message saying 'the pin on this device is attached to null. would you like to move your email to this device?' (cant remember exactly what it said)

    i proceeded to say yes but then it generated an error and showed me my email boxes but linked to my old carrier.

    i spoke to CS technical support and they said that it's cos i dont have an account with them and need to 'create' a new account which i've refrained from doing in case something goes wrong.

    my question is, currently it appears my PIN is deregistered but i still have an existing login with my old carrier (though when i log in it asks for the IMEI/PIN), if i create a new account with my new carrier will something go wrong and crash?

    i'm afraid that though putting the prepaid sim deregisters the pin however if i set up email on it and try to do it the opposite way round by putting in my contract sim it may not deregister the sim.

    is it absolutely necessary to completely delete the BIS account with my old carrier in order to set up a new email account with a different carrier or is it only necessary for the PIN to be deregistered?
    09-01-10 05:51 PM
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    does anyone have an answer for this?

    also would it be necessary for me to completely close down the BIS account with the other carrier?

    i still have a data plan etc, but would i need to delete all the emails allocated on that login?

    i was thinking maybe not as some people have 2 BIS accounts with different carriers and it doesn't conflict but haven't had confirmation. if the pin is deregistered i dont need to also get the user login deleted do i? what are the consequences for not getting the entire BIS account deleted?
    09-02-10 10:23 AM
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    Hi pete101

    The same exact thing that happened to you has happened to me as well whenever I used my Blackberry Tour (registered with Sprint) on a GSM carrier in Central America.

    It has actually happened to me twice (I travel there, and register my BB with the prepaid BIS carrier's BIS but upon returning to the U.S. I can't register my BB PIN with my old Sprint account anymore since it was tied to the prepaid BB's BIS.

    And this issue is only present with push e-mail, BB messenger, web browsing, apps etc all work fine, push e-mail just gets messed up.

    What happens is that you still have a login account with your old O2 BIS because that's something that's tied to O2, but your PIN and IMEI upon activating the prepaid BB data plan have been transferred to that prepaid carrier's BIS, and when you try switching back, sometimes it doesn't go smoothly and well..he solution is to call your carrier and have them escalate it directly to RIM, who would then solve the issue for you by deleting your BIS and resetting everything.
    09-02-10 10:42 AM