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    I have just bought a new Pearl 8110, upgrading from my previous 8100, and am having real problems getting my phone to sync using Bluetooth.

    I have removed and reinstalled the latest version of Desktop Manager and Device Manager and rebooted my PC and then followed all online instructions - to no avail. I have then done the following:

    1. Tried setting up BT connection using Desktop Manager - the Configure Bluetooth... button when clicked did nothing at all.

    2. Tried setting up BT connection using Device Manager - found phone but when tried to add a connection it would ask for a key-code on the phone, and when ANY keycode was added it would flash up and say 'could not pair with computername'. Device was then not visable as an option until I searched again, but the same process would follow.

    3. I then paired using Control Panel / Bluetooth Devices, and it paired perfectly. I can also send files etc. either from PC to phone or visa versa, so the paired connection definately works.

    4. Once the phone was paired using Control Panel / BT Devices, Device Manager cannot recognise it at all, and comes up with a message telling me that I should turn the phone on and make it discoverable - clearly something that has been done.

    However, no matter what I do, I cannot get Desktop Manager or Device Manager to recognise the phone. I am completely stuck here, and no-one at BlackBerryForums.com can offer any useful help at all.

    I have internal BT, and the drivers etc. are Microsoft, so I do not think that this is the issue (also, it worked perfectly previously).

    Please, please, please can someone offer some help or insight?

    01-17-10 05:09 AM
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    Could it be that I have stumped the Crackberry.com forum over a Bluetooth connection issue?
    01-18-10 09:40 AM