1. rvgraham's Avatar
    I have a blackberry holster with a broken belt clip. So I used a dremel tool to remove the clip. Now it doesn't put the phone in holster mode when I place it in this holster. The curious thing is, there are no magnets in any of the material I removed, either the plastic clip or the bit of leather behind it. Why would it stop working? Here's a pic of how it looks now:

    Why did I do this? My wife likes the leather on this holster and she's been keeping hers in her purse in the original vinyl sleeve holster. My only other idea about what's going on is that I've demagnetized the holster parts in the process of using a grinder and dremel to cut the rivets that held on the clip.

    Bob Graham
    07-11-08 12:59 PM
  2. rvgraham's Avatar
    Actually, it works fine if I put it in face to the back, but not if I put it in face front. In my other, unmodified holster, it works fine either way. Curious.

    07-11-08 01:07 PM
  3. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Some holsters are designed with a tiny sleeper magnet on both sides of the case, and when you place the device into the holster... both magnets are strong enough combined to trip the setting for 'In Holster'!!

    Once you removed the clip, one of the sleep magnets was probably removed as well, sometimes being a part of the clip! I have a feeling this is your problem.

    If you place the clip close to the case (as if it was still attached) does it trip the sensor?? You can always mod the case more and add your own sleeper magnet! OR you can get a new case for like $15
    07-11-08 01:18 PM
  4. rvgraham's Avatar
    I thought of that, and there isn't anything magnetic in any part of the clip or the bit of leather under the clip.

    Possibly the rivet heads are magnetized either on purpose or just because of the proximity of the other magnets.

    07-11-08 02:29 PM