1. milbus's Avatar
    Berry Addicts,

    I am a fairly new BB user and I am coming from treo 700wx. I have yahoo calendar and contacts synced on my Storm. I have DM 4.7 installed and working. I am BIS.
    Here's what I want.
    I want to sync Thunderbird/Lightning (winxp) with something online and sync with my BB.
    I checked out google contacts and just doesn't do it for me with the postal address thing. I don't care if it is OTA or not. I would like to sync contacts, tasks, and calendar. I will not use M$ product. What the heck are my options.

    Somebody please help. This is supposed to be a tool and right now its email and media. I love the BB and don't mind jumping through some hoops to get it working.

    01-08-09 09:44 AM
  2. korp#IM's Avatar
    I love Thunderbird ... wish they would just make it an option for syncing because Outlook is so unappealing to look at. I do know there was a way to sync Lightning and Google Calender together which in turn you can sync google to your phone. It was some plugin that I had from the thunderbird plugin section or whatever. The google sync I think also lets you sync contacts now if I'm not mistaken. Not sure about yahoo though.
    01-08-09 12:28 PM