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    Hello to everyone...I'm new to Crackberry. I'm also new to Blackberry (4 months now). I got a Blackberry Storm, and loving it, with the exception of the glitches that are commonly known.

    Now, here's my question: I'm traveling to Mexico soon. I just got my Storm unlocked. I need to know my options for using my Storm as a modem and/or receive all my email messages without paying huge fees. I'm with Verizon, but from what I understand, now that my phone is unlocked, I can use Telcel or Movistar SIM cards in my phone. Will that allow me to use my phone as a modem and/or receive all my messages from my 4 different email accounts?

    My rep from Verizon, who will remain nameless, said that it's possible. Does anyone have any experience with this and can advise me?

    Please reply here *and* to this email address if possible: jeremias9@iwon.com

    03-21-09 02:47 PM