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    I have multiple accounts on my Blackberry; for the sake of simplicity, two of them are A@gmail.com and B@me.com.

    Because I like using Gmail to send all emails when I'm on a desktop, I have all non-Gmail accounts integrated, so I can send mail as B@me.com through Gmail.

    As it stands, I have B@me.com forwarded to my A@gmail.com inbox under the label "B", and since I have both accounts on BIS, I get the email to B@me.com first and then it's also received at A@gmail.com, essentially getting two emails every time.

    My question is, how do I set up my BIS filters or whatever to block everything that normally gets directed to the "B" label in Gmail, so that I don't get duplicate emails?

    I'm not sure if my description is confusing so I can explain some more if necessary...
    You need to access your BIS account on the internet. Each email account has filter options that you can set to either filter out certain emails from forwarding to your BB or you can stop all email from that account from forwarding to your BB. I have two accounts on my phone that I have set that way most of the time unless I am expecting an email for some reason.
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